Why do I need to get a brake tune-up?

In today’s society, many people get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of their daily lives that they sometimes forget about the small details that allow them to complete the tasks of each day.  When was the last time you took your car, truck, SUV of whatever it is you drive, into the shop for a tune-up? If you had to think about it, it’s probably been too long. Brakes are key components of your car and might be the difference between life and death. Thus it is always important to pay special attention to your car brakes so that you stay safe at all times.

One of the most important elements of a tune-up is getting the brakes checked. Obviously, your brakes are a significant part of your vehicle, so they should be something that you take great care of.

The thing about your brakes is they are a bit more subjective to wear and tear than the other components under the hood of your vehicle (that does not make those components any less important!). The reason for this is because you are constantly using your brakes; you are coasting with them, slamming on them due to sudden red lights, etc. They can be easily worn out and run down so it is vital, not only for your car but for your safety that you get your brakes checked as often as possible.

Ideally, your breaks should go in for an inspection and tune up every six months. This doesn’t need to be done by the dealer you bought or leased your vehicle from; rather the brake tune- up can be done by any local car shop instead, if you need to keep the costs down. If twice per year is not a feasible option for you, then you should make sure you are getting your brakes checked out at least once per year or sooner if your brake system seems runs= down (screeching, “touchy”, etc.)


What is a brake tune-up?

Although having your brakes checked sounds rather easy, there is a lot more to it than just looking at the breaks themselves. During a tune-up the mechanic will check your vehicle’s brake pads, brake lines, rotors and calipers (don’t worry: these are not terms that you need to know, that is the mechanics’ job!). Those four components are what make up your vehicles’ braking system, which are what allow them to stop and stay still whenever you require the vehicle to do so.

Now that you know how important your brakes are, if you did not know that already, you see how vital it is that you maintain the quality of your brakes by getting a brake-tune up every 6-12 months. However, there is no “wrong time” to take your car in for a brake inspection and/or brake tune-up. If you want to be a bit more cautious and really ensure that your braking system is always in tip – top condition, by all means, get it checked out as often as you would like! This will ensure that your motor vehicle brakes system is in good shape at times and you will drive safely and with confidence.

Although it may seem small, making sure your brakes are in proper working order is such an important detail. Your braking system is what allows you to run those errands during your hustle and bustle days. Don’t take them for granted, get them inspected and tuned-up for the days ahead!

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