Regular maintenance of a car is as important as buying a good car. It is indeed a crucial practice for a long life of your vehicle. There are various aspects pertaining to car maintenance. Yes, you should get your vehicle checked regularly; you should also change the engine oil frequently. But apart from these conventional measures, there is a measure which can help you significantly in keeping your car engine in good health. It is an Italian tune up. In a basic sense, it refers to a process in which a car engine is running at full throttle to burn the carbon build up in the various systems pertaining to the combustion chamber.

This phenomenon is based on a very simple principle. When the engine runs at its maximum load, it forces the injectors to discharge more fuel to the engine. This way the temperature inside combustion chambers is increased and the residue is burnt off. This technique is capable of eliminating almost all the junk present in the combustion chamber.

Let’s understand the concept and need of an Italian tune up. The cars which run on low speed and shorter travel distance are vulnerable to the insufficient combustion. This situation arises for cars mostly running on city roads, more so in a highly dense urban area. The lower speed and short travel distance will prevent the engine from running at its most optimum conditions. As a result excess fuel is not properly burnt, it gradually leaves stiff residue which will start building up in the injectors and combustion chamber. Because of this built up, the dealers and mechanics recommend to get the cleaning of chamber done at every 20,000 to 40,000 km. Indeed, getting your car serviced at regular interval will help you in getting rid of this unnecessary residue, but Italian tune can simply prevent this situation.

In the context of cars which didn’t incorporate the features of high speed, are very vulnerable towards carbon accumulation. Cars like Suzuki Swift 51S, Toyota Camry XV30, Toyota Corolla E120 and Toyota Prius XV 20 are some of the models which were found more prone to this and needed regular maintenance. Since, nowadays getting these cars serviced is an expensive deal; hence techniques like Italian tune up come in very handy for the efficient working of their fuel combustion system.

As it’s said; precaution is better that cure. On the similar lines, Italian tune up is better than wasting money on engine fault repairs. This method is a very viable and inexpensive to prevent the situation of carbon accumulation in the combustion chambers. All you need to do is get an Italian tune up done to your car. You can do it yourself too. Drive your car at nearly full RPMs with a heavy load, like going up the hill, for a few minutes. This cycle should be repeated 3 to 4 times. If you think the amount of residue and junk collected in the chamber is much more than expected then you can continue full throttle acceleration for at least a week.

Pertaining to this concept there are certain thing which should be considered before initiating the Italian tune up. The first one is the healthy condition of the car, so that it can withstand the high speed and high load situation. A routine check of fluid levels and belts should be done prior to commencing the tune up; to make sure your vehicle is not low on coolants and oil. Moreover, the sound of the engine can sometimes help us in detecting the need of a tune up. So keep your ears wide open for the abnormal sounds from the engine.