I have used different programes to write games. Following are some of my works.

3D Ping Pong

This unfinished 3D game is written in Flash. Try to play against the computer.

Click your mouse to start, and move your mouse to control the racket. The faster you move, the harder you hit on the ball.


This unfinished game is written in Flash.

Control the que with your mouse. Drag the que and release to hit the white ball.

MineSweeper This classical MineSweeper is purely coded with Actionscript.
The classical Tetris written in Flash.
A 3-level Snake game written in Flash.
Memory Game See how fast you can finish the game!

A TicTacToe for 2 players. Written in Delphi.

MasterMind MasterMind written in Pascal.
Blocks Another classic game written in Pascal.




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