Life of Bugs

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What should I do?

Click to place food among the bugs. Watch out! They consume food very fast!

Hungry bugs are red and they move slower than blue and green bugs, thus they always reach last to the food. Try to feed them or else they will die!

Watch out for those bugs that wander around after feeding. They are energic and may reproduce!

What do the colors of bugs mean?

- Only the original parents are blue when they have energy
- All offsprings are green in color when they have energy
- All bugs will turn red as they get more hungry (i.e. low energy)

What do bugs do throughout their lives?

- They look for food when they are hungry
- They will stop eating and wander around once the food is consumed or they are full of energy
- Their energy will decrease as they wander around, thus they will move slower and slower
- They will feel hungry again once the energy fall to a certain level
- They will die if they are too hungry (i.e. low energy) and have no food
- They may reproduce if they have enough energy, or else they will look for food again

What about reproduction?

- They reproduce when they are not hungry
- They reproduce by dividing into two, and 1/2 of their energy will be transferred to the offspring
- Both the parent and offspring will be hungry as they have only 1/2 the original energy of the parent
- All offsprings are green in color when they are energic


At first there are only blue bugs. Some of them are hungry and turns red.


Bugs chasing for food! The hungry red ones move much slower than the more energic ones.


Bugs crowding around the food and eating. Some of them leave the food and wander around as they have eaten enough. These bugs will reproduce at any time. In the following instant, some bugs have just reproduced (lower right quadrant) and are moving towards the food .


A new life is born! Reproduction just occur inside the grey circle. A bug has just divided itself into two.


Bugs scatter around after they have consumed the food. Some of them are still very hungry.


After lots of feeding, many offsprings have been reproduced.
The swarm of bugs are rushing towards the only food!


Bugs are dying!