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August 2007
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July 22, 2007

Experiments and problems with Papervision3D

Filed under: My Flash Programs — betaruce @ 6:19 pm

After some experiments with Papervision, I must say it is not difficult to use and is really handy. I am trying to build a room and put up some pillars in it. The following is what I have done so far:

Walk with arrow keys, turn around with ur mouse.
Get the Source here.

The room basically is made up of several Plane objects, and the pillar with Cylinder object.

I come across several problems:

- the rendering of the pillar sometimes got “confused” with the walls, ceiling and floor, as below. I am not sure where the problem lies….and I find that this is particularly the problem with Cylinders, but less with cubes and spheres…

- I am not sure if there is a way of filling the objects with a bitmap like tiles but not stretch the bitmap to cover the whole surface?

- seems to me I cannot find a decent tutorial from the official site or any place like a forum for discussion (besides osflash list). I did go to but it seems it is not active….

It would be great if someone could give me some ideas about these :)

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June 19, 2007

PhotoFlip: Editors’ pick in Yahoo Gallery

Filed under: About this Site, My Flash Programs — betaruce @ 11:27 am

Thanks for all the support.

PhotoFlip is still an online album with its basic functions only. More updates will be done to the program soon :)

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June 9, 2007

PhotoFlip - Create a flippable album and put on your site

Filed under: My Flash Programs — betaruce @ 4:10 pm

I have converted my previous pageflip program into one that allow people to load in their photos from external source. I build this website which allow people to define some variables (e.g. page colors, album title, etc), generate codes and paste to their site easily.

Here is an example which load in my Flickr photo set.


• • •

June 1, 2007

My Apollo app: PhotoFlip

Filed under: My Flash Programs — betaruce @ 1:08 am

I have converted my pageflip program, which was written in AS1, into AS3, and integrate into an Apollo application PhotoFlip.

The app allows you to type in the full link to a local folder containing your photos and display it in the book-like album.

Download the .air file

This is still the alpha version (so not much function besides flipping), but I think the pageflip program is better being used as a web rather than a desktop application. I will convert it to a web app which can load in photos from various source e.g. Facebook, Flickr, etc, and allow user to put it to their blog.

• • •

January 23, 2007

Updated link for pageflip fla

Filed under: My Flash Programs — betaruce @ 10:49 pm

Somoene send me an email telling me that there’s some problem with the file. I have updated the link and now the source can be downloaded.

I guess this pageflip program is the most popular one within my site since I always receive emails asking me how to do that effect. I once said I may post a tutorial here on my way of doing that, but I am too busy to do so recently :(

I hope the fla will do some help (but as I remmeber, the code is quite messy. Sorry about that.)

• • •

December 31, 2006

AS3: animated landscape

Filed under: My Flash Programs — betaruce @ 6:21 pm

More fun :)

Click here to have a look. A little bit CPU intensive. Move the mouse to move across the land. The upper left corner shows the perlinNoise map of the land. Refresh for a new map.

• • •

December 30, 2006

AS3: 3D Landscape

Filed under: My Flash Programs — betaruce @ 12:03 am

Still not completed, but looks quite good to me.

Click here to have a look. It may need a bit of time to load.

The upper left corner is the perlinNoise for creating the landscape. The right gradient is the coloring scheme.

Things that will be added: interaction, better rendering, animation, etc…

• • •

December 4, 2006

Flash 8 Tutorial: Fire effect

Filed under: My Flash Programs, Tutorials — betaruce @ 9:26 pm

I find that many people want to make a fire effect with the new filters in Flash 8.

I have written a tutorial about my way of creating this effect. My way is quite simple and the effect is realistic enough, altho it maybe a bit CPU intensive. Anyway I hope this can be a useful one :) .

Read the tutorial here.

Basically you can use the same principal and write it in AS 3. If people think it is good and the response is good, I will write one in AS 3 later.

• • •

October 29, 2006

fla open for my past Flash experiments

Filed under: About this Site, My Flash Programs — betaruce @ 1:58 pm

You may visit my Flash Experiment page again and get the fla sources you want :)

* Note all the sources are for personal learning only.

More updates to the experiment page will be made later.

• • •

October 25, 2006

fla for my experiment “Ball Collision & Gravity”

Filed under: My Flash Programs — betaruce @ 5:12 pm

Since I received several emails recently requesting for this fla, I will now put it here first. Other source will be open by this weekend when I have time to edit my Flash experiment page.


There are some comments in the fla. Hope this will be useful. I will type a tutorial on this fla later by this week.

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