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March 3, 2006

The Mercedes-Benz Classic Car Exhibition (HK)

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after visiting the 6 classic cars of Benz, I really want to go to the Benz museum in Germany :)

here are the 6 cars shown in the exhibition

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November 17, 2005

My new toy

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Bought it yesterday…HP 3715….quite good:)

I want to use the camera to photo some documents…..however the quality is not quite good….the text cannot be seen clearly for font size like Time News Roman 12. However I’ve once succeeded in taking a good doc pic with my fd’s one and i can see the text clearly…..does anyone have any idea?

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September 8, 2005

So busy recently

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Haven’t updated my blog for days….I have been busy with my new book as I need to write a few chapters about the new features of Flash 8….besides, I also have to deal with my school works, meeting with fds as many of them are leaving, etc….

Recently I was tagged by luar and the game is to list out 5 features of Flash 8 that I dislike most….o goosh I really need to think of that as I like Flash 8 very much

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August 31, 2005

MD in HK

Filed under: About Betaruce — betaruce @ 11:59 pm

Today Macromedia (HK) arranged a gathering for some IT guys with Mike Downey (Product Manager of Flash) and Jen Taylor (Product Manager of DW). It’s really cool to meet with some MM officials and to express our ideas :) . I’ve also shared some of my Flash 8 works :)

MD is really nice. It’s always great to hear what MM thinks and their plans for MM products. Learn a lot today :) and make some new friends.

Tomorrow will be the Studio 8 launch seminar in HK. So bad that I cannot spare my time to attend this great event :(

For those who want to know more about Flash 8, read this article by MD: What’s New in Flash Professional 8

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