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September 2005
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September 8, 2005

Sth about Flash 8 that I dislike

Filed under: Using Flash — betaruce @ 9:29 pm

Generally I must say Flash 8 is very very cool~ so it takes me so much time to think of what I dislike…..
the most obvious one is not enough examples given in the help doc for those new AS. Honestly, I did have some problem in understanding the BitmapData class initially and I cannot find adequate examples in the help doc.

Besides, the speed and CPU usage of Flash 8 seems have no improvement at all to me, and it still consumes many memory and ram…maybe that’s only because of beta? or just because my computer is too slow? I’m not sure….anyway I hope the official release will tell me that I was wrong :)

Some “popular” functions that ppl are looking forward to are still absent in Flash, e.g. DoubleClick, 3D classes, etc. Mike Downey did explain to us last time why no 3D is added to Flash and I totally agree with him. I think Flash do not need to have 3D functions like Shockwave, but I think it is OK to have 3D classes in AS, and I believe Flash Player can still handle.

Some ppl complain that FLV cannot be played alone and they must be loaded into Flash to be viewed. I agree that this is very inconvenient to ppl who always need to work with video.

So that’s about it. What do you guys think?

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So busy recently

Filed under: About Betaruce — betaruce @ 11:42 am

Haven’t updated my blog for days….I have been busy with my new book as I need to write a few chapters about the new features of Flash 8….besides, I also have to deal with my school works, meeting with fds as many of them are leaving, etc….

Recently I was tagged by luar and the game is to list out 5 features of Flash 8 that I dislike most….o goosh I really need to think of that as I like Flash 8 very much

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