Some of my Flash Experiemtns are listed below. All of them are created with Actionscript, and are divided into different categories.
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3D Environment An unfinished 3D engine.

A 3D environment is rendered and you can use arrow keys to move around.

Wall collision detection is not added. The code is not yet optimized so the speed will be slow if more walls are added.
3D Flower 3D curves and AS drawing API are used to create this flower.

Rotate it with the arrow keys, HOME and END buttons.
3D Dodecahedron 3D engine, face rendering and lighting are used to create this interactive dodecahedron.

Drag your mouse to rotate it.
3D Wave Another form of 3D Wave. Click your mouse to generate a new pattern. 3D
3D Cube Hold down your mouse to rotate this real 3D cube 3D
3D Wave ~ Use your keyboard arrows to rotate the wave 3D
3D Double Helix Pretty cool (somewhat like a segment of DNA) 3D




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