Some of my Flash Experiemtns are listed below. All of them are created with Actionscript, and are divided into different categories.
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Cellular Automata Press Enter to change pattern. Physics
Arm with Inverse Kinematics Physics Simulation of Inverse Kinematics.

See how the arm try to catch the ball, and how the ball evade the arm.
Ball Collision & Gravity Balls colliding with one another and finally rest in equilibrium.

Throw the ball with your mouse to see the interaction between balls.
Elastic grid Move your mouse around. Physics
Ball & Rope Drag the ball and spring it Physics
Strange Attractors Computer Art. Strange Attractors are patterns created in Choas.

Press number 0 - 7 for 8 different strange attractors.

You can go to the Java section of this site for some more complex strange attractors.
Elastic Sheet You MUST play around with that interesting and funny stuff Physics




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