Some of my Flash Experiemtns are listed below. All of them are created with Actionscript, and are divided into different categories.
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3D Environment An unfinished 3D engine.

A 3D environment is rendered and you can use arrow keys to move around.

Wall collision detection is not added. The code is not yet optimized so the speed will be slow if more walls are added.
3D Flower 3D curves and AS drawing API are used to create this flower.

Rotate it with the arrow keys, HOME and END buttons.
3D Dodecahedron 3D engine, face rendering and lighting are used to create this interactive dodecahedron.

Drag your mouse to rotate it.
3D Wave Another form of 3D Wave. Click your mouse to generate a new pattern. 3D
3D Cube Hold down your mouse to rotate this real 3D cube 3D
3D Wave ~ Use your keyboard arrows to rotate the wave 3D
3D Double Helix Pretty cool (somewhat like a segment of DNA) 3D
Mandelbrot The famous Mandelbrot.

You can find another Mandelbrot and Buddhabrot in the Java section~
Koch Snowflake The famous fractal. Fractal
Plasma Fractal Computer Art. The beauty of Programming and Fractals.

Click your mouse to generate a new pattern.

You can go to the Java section of this site for a larger size plasmafractal.
Pool An unfinished Pool game. Control the que with your mouse. Drag the que and release to hit the white ball. Game
PingPong An unfinished 3D Flash game. Try to play against the computer.

Click your mouse to start, and move your mouse to control the racket. The faster you move, the harder you hit on the ball.
Tile-based engine Tile-based engine.

Use arrow keys to control the movement of the brwon block.
2D Maze Random Maze + Path Finder (From Upper Left to Lower Right) Game
A simple mobile-phone-style Snake game Keyboard arrow keys to control Gameover when the snake hits itself Game
Permutation Type something. See how many combinations you can get. Others
A waving HK$100 Banknote $$$$$$$$$$ Others
Cellular Automata Press Enter to change pattern. Physics
Arm with Inverse Kinematics Physics Simulation of Inverse Kinematics.

See how the arm try to catch the ball, and how the ball evade the arm.
Ball Collision & Gravity Balls colliding with one another and finally rest in equilibrium.

Throw the ball with your mouse to see the interaction between balls.
Elastic grid Move your mouse around. Physics
Ball & Rope Drag the ball and spring it Physics
Strange Attractors Computer Art. Strange Attractors are patterns created in Choas.

Press number 0 - 7 for 8 different strange attractors.

You can go to the Java section of this site for some more complex strange attractors.
Elastic Sheet You MUST play around with that interesting and funny stuff Physics
Flip through the book~ Realistic page flipping program~

All the 4 corners of the book can be dragged. Try to flip through the pages~

This is one of the most complex and difficult AS program I've ever made :P
Walking Human Simulation of human movement.

Change the settings to generate different movenets!
Gear Synchronization Drag the gears to synchronize them. Simulation
Flame Simulation of a flame. Simulation
Life Spider Simulation of life movement.

Sit and watch how the creature walk and turn.
Watter Ripples This is a program that tries to generate water ripples when mouse click on the water. However, Flash is too slow to generate fine details.

For a detailed version, please visit the Java section.
Texture - piece of old paper Looks like a chinese character on a piece of old paper. Simulation
Budding vesicles from a cell This program tries to mimic the budding and releasing of vesicles from a cell.

Click your mouse to see the biological process.
Fire & Smoke This is a simulation of fire and smoke. You can also find a simulation of flame here. Simulation
Tree You may need to wait for a while before you can see the tree Simulation




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