Some of my Flash Experiemtns are listed below. All of them are created with Actionscript, and are divided into different categories.
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Flip through the book~ Realistic page flipping program~

All the 4 corners of the book can be dragged. Try to flip through the pages~

This is one of the most complex and difficult AS program I've ever made :P
Walking Human Simulation of human movement.

Change the settings to generate different movenets!
Gear Synchronization Drag the gears to synchronize them. Simulation
Flame Simulation of a flame. Simulation
Life Spider Simulation of life movement.

Sit and watch how the creature walk and turn.
Watter Ripples This is a program that tries to generate water ripples when mouse click on the water. However, Flash is too slow to generate fine details.

For a detailed version, please visit the Java section.
Texture - piece of old paper Looks like a chinese character on a piece of old paper. Simulation
Budding vesicles from a cell This program tries to mimic the budding and releasing of vesicles from a cell.

Click your mouse to see the biological process.
Fire & Smoke This is a simulation of fire and smoke. You can also find a simulation of flame here. Simulation
Tree You may need to wait for a while before you can see the tree Simulation




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