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October 2005
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October 4, 2005

Another link to download my Flash 8 files

Filed under: About this Site, My Flash Programs — betaruce @ 5:46 pm

some ppl may not be able to download from the previous link due to limited bandwidth of geocities. Therefore I put the zip into another server. If you still cannot download or the speed is slow, pls let me know :)

Link 1) ~betaruce/

Link 2)

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MMUG (HK) 7 Oct (Friday)

Filed under: Using Flash, Flash Events — betaruce @ 11:21 am

If you are in HK, why not come and join us this Friday :) Let’s share our Flash 8 experiments~

Click here for details.

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Download my Flash 8 Experiments Sources

Filed under: About this Site, My Flash Programs — betaruce @ 11:13 am

Since so many ppl cannot download my Flash 8 flas successfully, I decide to zip them and put them in another server. You can now download it from here (right-click and save as).

Hope this can solve the problem :) and hope my flas can assist you in learning Flash 8~


In case the above link doesn’t work, download the zip from here.

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